Software Techno-Managers Workshop

Overview: The economic downturn is changing the nature of the software industry. The costs and team sizes have to be controlled without compromising the quality of the deliverables. Experienced software professionals with technology expertise as well as the capability to manage and mentor teams while being hands on are becoming critical. This workshop provides experience based tips and best practices for Techno-Managers to successfully manage teams while achieving a balance between team management and technical responsibilities.

Audience: Software professionals who are required to (or are likely to) undertake the dual responsibility of being technical contributors as well as team managers and mentors.

Prerequisites: A few years of professional experience in the software technology industry

Delivery Method: Classroom Training, Role Plays and Team Activities

Audience Size: Not more than 20 attendees

Duration: 1 day

Course Content:

  • Managing a Team – Much more than just coordinating a bunch of individuals
  • Task Assignment, Management and Tracking, Hands on Manager Best Practices
  • Communication and Meetings
  • Team Building Activities, Attrition Risk Identification and Management
  • Mentoring + Tricky Situations Examples and Stories
  • Performance Appraisal and Performance Improvement Plans
  • Team Selection and Interviewing

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