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Linux Storage Orchestrator (LSO) is a software application developed for enabling easy use of an industry standard PC or server running Linux as an iSCSI Storage Array or IP-SAN Virtualization Appliance.


Linux has a large collection of components and applications, each having rich features for storage configuration, management and presentation. However these software pieces, while being compatible with each other, are totally independent and are very tricky to manage as a stack requiring highly skilled administration staff.


LSO implements the logic to orchestrate storage configuration and management using md (Linux Software RAID), LVM (Logical Volume Manager) as well as provisioning it to hosts connected on IP-SAN using iET (iSCSI Enterprise Target).


LSO provides an intuitive  Web UI with the following features:

  • Tabular display of complete storage stack
  • Rich dashboard with different charts allowing an administrator the big picture view along with granular access to detailed information for ease of decision making
  • Wizards and forms for
    • Creating and managing storage configurations
    • Easy access to features such as snapshots, volume and volume group expansion etc.
    • Storage provisioning to IP-SAN based hosts as iSCSI Logical Units
    • LUN Masking/Access control


While LSO can be used as a stand alone entity, it can also be used to quickly add iSCSI feature for Linux based networking and storage infrastructure products. We offer services for customization and integration of LSO.


For more information about obtaining LSO or schedule a web based demo, please write to

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