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Keeping in line with our philosophy of Experience as a Service our portfolio of service offerings is as below. For more information about services please write to us at

    • Global Software Engineering Team Incubation
    • Prospective Client Analysis
    • Software Product Development Services in niche areas of storage, cloud platforms and virtualization technologies

Expert ServiceGlobal Software Engineering Team Incubation
Client Space
  • Global software engineering services companies
  • Software product companies and their offshore subsidiaries
  • Software product companies planning to expand engineering operations to multishore locations
Our Value Add
  • Bring in the experience of having worked on both sides of the relation and built several multishore teams to eliminate or postpone the need to hire very senior, expensive individuals at offshore locations.
  • Be a neutral third party and avoid conflict of interest situations between onshore-offshore partners and drastically improve the speed of execution
  • Global partnerships to provide simultaneous mentoring to the onshore team in US and offshore team in India
  • Global software engineering services vendor selection
  • Engagement planning between onsite and offshore teams
  • Supervision and participation in offshore team building
  • Establishing communications for the geographically distributed teams
  • Mentoring the onsite and offshore operations till they come to a steady state
Expert ServiceProspective Client Analysis
Client SpaceSoftware engineering services companies working in the area of system software, enterprise technology, storage technology, virtualization etc.
Our Value AddBring technical expertise to the presales team to eliminate the need for busy technologists to get distracted from their main activity and spend time in pre-sales calls as well as allow the service provider to venture into unexplored technology areas
  • Detailed technical study of the prospect’s technology/products
  • Analyzing possible pain-points, competition and preparing a detailed technical backgrounder
  • Coming up with a strategy to pitch the service provider’s solution
  • Training service provider’s people about the prospect technology
  • Attending conference calls with the prospect in the capacity of technology expert to talk to the prospective customer at the same technical wavelength