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In the rapidly changing field of software technology, professionals having the right kind of experience are very expensive, hard to find and even harder to keep. Experience is also not a very scalable commodity. However in order to lower the delivery risks and improve the time to market many tasks have to be performed by experienced professionals.

Sound Paradigm addresses this problem by providing Experience as a Service in the form of training and consulting services offerings in niche areas of software product engineering and information technology. Our value proposition is based on common sense and best practices derived from vast and varied professional experience.

Our specialization areas are -

  • Storage, Information Lifecycle Management, Cloud Platforms and Virtualization technologies
  • Global Team Incubation and Operations
  • Software Engineering Techno-Management

We have developed a software product called Linux Storage Orchestrator that enables easy use of an industry standard server or PC running Linux as an iSCSI Storage Array or IP-SAN Virtualization Appliance.

For more information please write to info@soundparadigm.com

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